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2° Encontro Modos de Ver (ESPM/ PPGCine-UFF) & 4° Jornada de Cinema e Ficção Audiovisual (Grudes-UTP / NEFICS-UFPR) -


Workshop Brazil-UK Connections: Cinema Contexts


Local: ESPM-Rio


Rua do Rosário, n.111 - Auditorium – Centro/ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


29 and 30 November 2018


Entrance is free, but registration is required on: 


For the fist day:


For the second day:


The 2° Encontro Modos de Ver (ESPM/ PPGCine-UFF) and the 4° Jornada de Cinema e Ficção Audiovisual (Grudes-UTP) organize the Workshop Brazil-UK Connections: Cinema Contexts on 29 and 30 November with the purpose of presenting recent Brazilian and British studies on practices of cinemagoing, distribution and exhibition, audiences dynamics and their relations with audiovisual narratives. The Workshop will focus on the discussion and analysis of objects, theories and methodologies related to the diverse interfaces between cinema, memory and territorialities, in contemporary as well as historical approaches. The event also aims at enhancing dialogues and constructing local and global networks between Brazilian and Britain scholars, putting together their interests in investigations on cinema contexts and cultures.



1° Day (29 November, Thursday)

11h - Opening

11h30 – Session 1 - Cinema and Territorialities: Prof. Dr. Pedro Curi (ESPM); Prof. Dr. Simplício Neto (ESPM); Prof. Dr. Rafael Tassi (UTP/ Unespar); Prof. Dr. Marcelo Carvalho.

13h - Lunch

14h30 – Session 2 - Cinema and Memory: Prof. Dr. Talitha Ferraz (ESPM/ PPGCine-UFF); Prof. Ms. Pedro Butcher (UFF); Prof. Dr. Lucia Santa Cruz (ESPM); Prof. Dr. Marcia Bessa (ECO-UFRJ / Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro); Prof. Dr. Pedro Lapera (Biblioteca Nacional/ PPGCine-UFF).

16h - Coffee break

16h30 - Panel Perspectives: Presentations of Master and PhD students’

members of research groups.

18h30 - Closing


2° Day (30 November, Friday)

10h - Opening

10h30 – Keynote: “Stories from Beyond the Metropolis: Provincial Cinema-going in 1950s and 1960s Britain”, Prof. Dr. Matthew Jones (Montfort University, UK) 

11h30 – Keynote: “Inside and outside the cinema: memories in context”, Prof. Dr. Daniela Treveri(Oxford Brookes University, UK)

12h30 - Lunch 

14h - Session 3 - Cinema Pioneers in Brazil: Prof. Dr. Eduardo Baggio (Unespar); Prof. Dr. Rafael Tassi (UTP/ Unespar); Prof. Dr. Rafael de Luna Freire (UFF).

15h30 - Coffee Break

16h – Keynote: "Histórias de Cinemas", Prof. Dr. João Luiz Vieira (UFF) 

17h - Closing

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